Strength&Conditioning (EN)

Strength&Conditioning (EN)

Our Strength&Conditioning is designed for use in martial arts. Here you will find targeted training concepts, workouts and tips & tricks to get the most out of your weight class.

Strength&Conditioning (EN)
  • Mobiltiy (EN)

    1 season

  • Warm Up (EN)

    3 seasons

    In our Warm Up section you will find specific warm up exercises for each area. We distinguish the areas: Striking, Wrestling and Grundfighting.

  • Training plan for muscle, strength and condition building

    2 seasons

    Our revolving training program is designed for continuous improvement of strength and conditioning. The training plan consists of three phases.
    Once you have completed Phase III, you can start again with Phase I and benefit from the improvements you made in the previous cycle.
    You can also comple...


    We show you a stretching routine for the upper body


    We show you a stretching routine for the lower body