9 Episodes

I Am Unbreakable is Yusuf Büyükaslans mental coaching program. Yusuf is a mental performance coach and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Understanding the importance of an individual’s mentality, he has dedicated his life to creating high performance athletes by helping them cultivate mental fortitude to overcome any adversity. With his Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a Mental Performance Mastery Certification, he’s able to transform individuals to unleash their full potential. Currently his goal is to help every individual develop the right mindset that overcomes every obstacle allowing them to perform at a high level.

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  • Yusuf Introduction

    Episode 1

    Yusuf is a mental coach, a purple belt in BJJ, BA in Psychology and MA in Sport+ Exercise Psychology

  • Focus

    Episode 2

    Yusuf will show you why focus is such an important part of fighting and how to focus properly.

  • Dealing with Setbacks

    Episode 3

    Coach Yusuf teaches you how to best deal with setbacks and still stay focused

  • Competing Through Injuries

    Episode 4

    How can you keep training and keep at it despite an injury? Yusuf explains it to you

  • Meditation

    Episode 5

    In this clip, Coach Yusuf shows you how to use meditation to your advantage

  • Pre Fight Ritual

    Episode 6

    In diesem Clip zeigt euch Coach Yusuf wie wichtig es ist ein Pre Fight Ritual zu haben

  • Visualization

    Episode 7

    Visualization is an important tool in martial arts. Coach Yusuf shows you how to use it correctly

  • Mindset

    Episode 8

    Having the right mindset is critical to be successful. Coach Yusuf shows you how to set your mindset

  • Goalsetting

    Episode 9

    Coach Yusuf tells you all the essentials about setting the right goals